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It is our desire to provide any level of IT support as your IT Partner.  This means that The ProVisio Group will also provide IT management and technical staffing on a contract basis to our customers based on your needs.  We provide two levels of contract staffing: Temporary Contract and Contract To Hire.

Temporary Contract

This level of staffing can range from a single position to multiple positions and is done on a contract basis for a specific period of time and a specific hourly billing rate. These can be short or long-term contracts and typically range anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months in duration. If a project goes beyond a specific contract or a customer likes a ProVisio employee, they can request an extension of the contract or provide a new contract for a new project.

The ProVisio Group uses its own employees to fill the staffing needs of our customers and selects each employee for an assignment based on how well their management and technical skills match a customer’s requirement. We also consider other qualifications such as interpersonal skills, ability to work with others, and the level of professionalism required to work in the customer’s environment.

Contract To Hire

Many times a customer would rather hire a permanent employee to fill a need but may have an internal restriction that prevents a permanent hire at the time. Or a customer may like to "try out" a prospective new hire before making a final hiring decision. This is where Contract To Hire fills the need.

This kind of staffing is very similar to contract staffing in the way we match up an employee’s skills and other attributes to the customers needs. However, the difference in this type of a contract is the final expectation of all parties involved going into the contract. Here a customer contracts for an employee’s services for a short period of time, usually 2-6 months, at the same time advising the employee that an offer for permanent hire will be made at the end of the contract if the customer believes this individual would make a good employee for his company. At the same time, the potential new hire gets an inside look at a company before making a decision to accept any offer.

The hourly billing rate for this kind of service is usually higher than the normal billing rate because the typical placement fee that would normally result from such a permanent hire is built-in to the hourly rate. Therefore no placement fee is due at hiring time. However, some customers would rather pay a placement fee or a reduced fee at hiring time and therefore the hourly-billing rate would be negotiated accordingly. The ProVisio Group is always willing to be flexible to meet the customers needs.

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